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Frequently Asked Questions
How do solar panels work?

 Average silicon-based solar panels have two layers of crystallized silicon which are joined by a wire. It is made up of two layers. One layer of the solar panel has a positive charged which attracts electrons, and the other another is negatively charged with excess electrons. Photons of sunlight knock electrons loose from the negatively charged side, and those electrons then travel through the wire to get back to their positively-charged mates. The magic happens when multiple panels are connected together for maximum power, then the wires are run through a solar inverter and your main electric panel, combined, those electrons create electricity that can power your home.

The electrical current created  by these forces is called DC (direct current) electricity.  The inverter that comes standard in a solar system converts the DC power to AC power, creating a unique electrical current.

Once the solar panels are fitted properly , this electric power generation has the cabability to provide power to not only your home, but also can give you a credit back from the electric company if any excess power is genterated.  Each county has different rules of how credits are applied, it is best to consult with your slaes consultant.

What equipment pieces are required in a residential solar installation?

A standard residential solar system  consists of solar modules which are installed “behind the meter” as the system is connected to the electrical meter through the home.  

Where can I get a quote for a solar system?

You get a quote by calling or emailing us through the website or filling out a form online. One of our sales advisers will reach out to ask you to submit a current electric bill and our crew will come to the house to measure and determine if the solar system we have matches your needs. 

How long do solar panels last?

Typically, the solar panels last a minimum of 25-30 years depending on the warranty. In some cases, you can purchase solar panels with a 40 year warranty. There’s minimal maintenance required aside from general upkeep that make the solar panels a low maintenance option. 

How will solar panels help me save money on my electric bill?

Each situation is unique, when you’re referring to residential and commercial scenarios, the chances are very high that you will save money by switching to solar.  If the property has the correct requirements to fit solar, the way you get savings is buy switching from relying on your general utility companies to relying on solar panels to generate the power in it’s place. More often than not, the price of solar is cheaper than what you would pay to the utility company and you would paying on a system you own. 

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